This quilt references to traditional quilt designs that used encoded patterns to help escaping slaves to freedom. The typographic code uses individual lines representing letters of the alphabet. When layered along with other letters a word is created within a single patch, patches combined then form a phrase. The quilt is designed to be difficult to read, replicating the nature of the historic quilts where only those who are in need can decode the message.Traditional codes within the quilt design would signal help, guidance and respite along what was a long difficult journey.

The quilt reads a famous quote by Martin Luther King. Jr:
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

*The quilt is currently part of the permanent collection in the International Slavery Museum, LIverpool.

The alphabet key uses letter frequencies to determine the design of each individual letter. The most frequent letters use lines designed to connect two sides of a square patch. Crossing the centre point or focusing on corners ensures the frequent letters are defined and outlined against other letters within the patch.

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